Installation of CCTV in Bac Ninh

Specialize in construction and installation of CCTV system, alarm system – fire alarm in Bac Ninh.

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Installation of CCTV in Bac Ninh I Introduction of camera installation service in Bac Ninh

Dealers in Bac Ninh Bac Ninh Media specializes in installing CCTV in Bac Ninh with a team of experienced technicians and a high sense of responsibility. We always consider prestige as the top so customers can be completely assured and quality service of the company
We accept installation of cheap camera genuine goods for shops, offices, factories and households …

Mô hình camera quan sát
Mô hình camera quan sát

CCTV system

Camera System Applications:

  • Supervise the child, anti-theft.
  • Operating, managing, meeting from a distance.
  • Do not need teachers.
  • Remote patient tracking.
  • The camera system helps you manage your work well and is a safe, economical solution

With CCTV you can manage your employees or observe your work easily, you can completely observe your home when you go to work or travel.

Installation of CCTV system:

CCTV system to prevent theft
Installation of CCTV camera of Bac Ninh Media:

  1. Survey the actual store
  2. Provide solutions for CCTV installation for each location
  3. Give a quotation based on the solution: money, equipment ….
  4. Complete system installation
  5. Customer Test System
  6. Acceptance and termination of the contract termination

32-channel recording software

  • Image management with Client / Server
  • Display and record 32 channels simultaneously
  • Playback at the same time 16 channels
  • Effective video recording system
  • Camera interface rotate, zoom
    Multiple Playback controls
  • Easy remote access
  • Easy to use fast snapshot function
  • Supports all types of Vivotek cameras
  • Remote access through NAT mechanism
  • chedule recording and recording

Benefits of installing CCTV systems

  • observing everywhere anytime
  • Observation in complete darkness.
  • direct observation.
  • Security security.
  • Ensure aesthetics.
  • Monitor the company directly from LAN and over the internet
  • observe the desired location. Recording at predetermined time or shooting when intruding.
  • Observed under complete darkness conditions.
  • In conjunction with the alarm system.

II. Contact and install camera in Bac Ninh

For inquiries about service and installation details, please contact:

Add: No.10 Nguyen Dang Dao, Tien An Wrad, Bacninh City, Bacninh Province, Vietnam
Tel: 0222 653.6789 / 0222.3875.268 Mobile: 0942.54.654

Thank you for choosing our service!

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