Installation of CCTV in Bac Ninh Install camera

Lap camera for private use

specializes in designing and installing direct  system or remote viewing via internet, mobile phone in Bac Ninh area with the best cost, high quality, time Quick installation.

Lap camera for private use
Lap camera for private use

 –  home

Design consultancy, installation of surveillance camera system for: Kindergarten, Bookstore, Tailor, Home, Supermarket, Production workshop, Bridal fashion shop, Business, Company, Office Industrial Park, School, Jewelry Store, Crystal Shop, Brew Pub, Bar, Car Parking, Bus Station, Railway Station, Elevator … .. With many kinds of genuine products of good quality, diverse in configuration, design, features will meet all needs of customers.

Some types of CCTV - Surveillance
Some types of CCTV – Surveillance

Some types of CCTV – Surveillance

  • Day and night viewer (Infrared, outdoor and indoor)
  • PTZ Dome Camera, Speed ​​Dome Camera .. (Camera rotate, zoom, observe, close distance ..)
  • Camera dome ceiling camouflage (observed day and night, to undetected places)
  • DVR, NVR (video recorder or digital video recorder). Review the image through the DVR.
  • View over the Internet – ADSL, Computer use, Laptop ..
  • Remote viewing via mobile phone, 3G tablet, Wi-Fi (Iphone, Samsung, Nokia …)

CCTV system for preschool – school

What does Network Surveillance Camera do for you?

  • You may be able to keep track of your ongoing work at the company.
  • You are sitting at the office still able to monitor the work being done at the factory.
  • You are sitting at the office in Bac Ninh and would like to introduce to your counterparts in the provinces.
  • You go away and want to keep track of what your children are doing at home.
  • You travel with family, or have to travel away from home for a while to know how to stay at home.
  • You are at home and want to observe the salesman at the store …

  We provide you with a solution to meet the above requirements by CCTV system over the Internet. You can also save images and audio for later processing.

Some types of CCTV - Surveillance
Some types of CCTV – Surveillance

CCTV system for office – company …

Our commitment :

  • Only distribute and sell genuine products, with full source of origin …
  • Free design consultancy – installation at customer’s address
  • Attractive promotions and after-sales – warranty according to the manufacturer’s standards. After-sales service warranty, maintenance superior to the services of other units provided not in Bac Ninh – When the system has problems call immediately – we will be present to handle the problem. trying ….

Company’s motto :

Optimal solution – Competitive price – Perfect service

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