Fabrication and installation of LAN Professional – Cheap price


To  implement the LAN system  is the best, requires much in the workmanship, experience of the unit undertake network construction. Good network construction will help the company’s network to ensure stability, high aesthetics and minimize incidents during use and save installation costs.

Therefore, ANBINH TELECOM specializes in receiving and installing Lan / Wan network system for household office computer network, company, school, hospital, …. Get  survey model fitting Networking , consulting at home, at the company and offer the best solution for you when you want to install the internal network.

When you need to consult, survey or install the internal LAN system for the office, please contact us for the fastest advice. With each system specific techniques will provide the appropriate construction, cost savings for customers.


In addition, we also provide services such as:

+ Execute LAN / WAN cable, expand network in new branch or office

+ Install computers, printers, fax machines, connect to the network

+ Installation of internal switchboards, IP PBX

+ Installation of CCTV system

+ Installation of sound notification system

+ Installation of television system

* Configure device connections to LAN / WAN, optimize and standardize the model.

+ User Guide to use the software and services in the network environment of the business

+ Consulting design and installation of wireless network


1. Camera installation service:

– Security for customers, can monitor the progress at home, shops … when away.

– Save evidence to control work.

– Maintain and operate the camera system according to customers requirements.

– Service of installation of internal switchboard, IP PBX:

2. The service of installing traditional switchboard and IP PBX

– Set up the switchboard as required.

– Maintenance service, call center management as required.

– Service replacement hot switchboard when trouble.

3. Network installation service

– Consulting services of design, construction of local area network (LAN)

– Consulting services of design, construction of wide area network (WAN)

– Consulting services for designing, executing Internet / Intranet

– Consulting service design, construction center data integration



 1. Survey and record customer information

– Purpose of use of customers on the requirements of using equipment

– Site survey, building structure and installation location

– Conditions of construction and quality of construction materials (cable, pipe, …) Conditions that may affect the system (electricity, environment …)

 2. Detailed design 

– Technical details of the type of equipment used (price list, technical features, warranty period) include: Logical diagram, installation diagram …

– Number of supplies and accessories

– Construction time


 1. Construction of network cabling system

– Implementing electrical equipment (plastic pipes, gels, conductors …)

– Deploy the network cabling system in accordance with the design diagram

– Mark the cable and connect to the concentrator (Swich, Router, Firewall …)

– Mount the computer to the network

– Mount the peripherals to the network

 2. Install the network

– VLAN grouping (splits the system into subnets)

– Router configuration, routing protocols, load-balancing …

– Configure firewall, create DMZ for Server

– Install the operating system for the server

– Install network protocols and services

– Create user groups

– Set up a user account

– user rights

– Install the network application program

– Install the client protocol

– Create a Client account

– Share resources Cliet machine


 1. System acceptance and transfer 

– Check for stable satellite compatibility of the system

– Checking equipment transfer system (warranty card, payment bill …)

– Transfer of design and installation contracts, network diagrams

 2. Acceptance

– Checking, handing over construction equipment, guiding customers to use.

– Payment procedures.

– Warranty, network maintenance. Customer support and care.

– Guide to use and master the system with documents, documents always transferred when completed.


– We have a team of skilled technicians, always dedicated, honest.

– Providing complete construction solutions suitable to requirements from customers.

– Execute quickly, correctly, and at the most cost effective level for the customer.

– Construction in the direction can easily change or integrate more computers for the system.

– Detailed instructions for customers how to use the network with the necessary documents.

– The problem of ensuring stability, security and safety for the system is always focused.

– The service after the construction is always the best, support customers Free when the network problems.

– The price is the most competitive, with full invoices and receipts.

AnBinh Telecom commits to customers that the installation and installation of the network will be done quickly, neatly, aesthetically and most importantly, to ensure quality (no interference, cable international standard, …) for the system to run smoothly with the highest utilization

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