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Product and Services English Korea Vietnam CCTV – SYSTEM 감시카메라 시스템 Hệ thống CCTV LAN, WLAN – SYSTEM 네트 워크 시스템 Hệ thống mạng nội bộ PA – SYSTEM 방송 음향 시스템 Hệ thống âm thanh công cộng ACCESS CONTROL … Continued


Motto of operation CORE VALUES OF THE COMPANY Intellectual, creative is the foundation of the Company. People are invaluable assets of the Company. Solidarity and professionalism are the working methods of the Company. Customer satisfaction and economic efficiency are the … Continued

General introduction

– Bac Ninh Media is a leading company in Bac Ninh, specializing in providing consultancy, design and implementation of surveillance camera system, internal telephone exchange, Lan, Wan, Tel, Timekeeper, Gateway From … – Our customers include individuals, organizations, companies in the country … Continued